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DVR Card >> HAWELL 4 Channel



1. Adopts Techwell 6805 chipset, 10 Bits sharp quality picture
2. Low power consumption, low heat. All is better than DVR card with 7130 chipset
3.1ch TV output; low occupancy rate of CPU resources
4. Apply for second-level domain name directly in software, solving troubles while using the Dynamic IP address
5. Remote view through mobile-phone
6. Better compatibility with pc components: support popular motherboards with INTEL chipset, integrated graphics cards and PCI-E
7. One system support 32chs(at max).DVR cards use same software can be mixed at one PC
8. AVI video file format, play directly by windows media player
9.Supper window XP,VISTA,2000 OS.

Technical Parameter

Video input 4chs 16chs 32chs
Audio input 1ch 4chs 8chs
TV input/output 1ch 1ch 1ch
Frames rate 25F(PAL)/30F(NTSC) 100F(PAL)/120F(NTSC) 200F(PAL)/240F(NTSC)
Compression format  MPEG4(for option)
File size 80-200M/h/ch
One system support 5 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs
Display resolution 1 chs D1(640X480) 4 chs D1(640X480) 8 chs D1(640X480)
4 chs CIF(352X288) 8 chs CIF(352X288) 16 chs CIF(352X288)
  16 chs QCIF(176X144) 32 chs QCIF(176X144)
Video Adopt dynamic and fixed video stream , remote view through mobile-phone, motion detection, schedule, alarm; can select the hard driver for data storage
Playback Multi-screen playback, snapshot, instant printing and backup, built-in players to play video files
PTZ Support PTZ control
Network With client software or through IE to remote view or control, mobile control