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DVR Card >> HAWELL 8 Channel


  • Features
    1. Adopts Techwell 6805 chipset, 10 Bits sharp quality picture
    2. Low power consumption, low heat. All is better than DVR card with 7130 chipset
    3.1ch TV output; low occupancy rate of CPU resources
    4. Apply for second-level domain name directly in software, solving troubles while using the Dynamic IP address
    5. Remote view through mobile-phone
    6. Better compatibility with pc components: support popular motherboards with INTEL chipset, integrated graphics cards and PCI-E
    7. One system support 32chs(at max).DVR cards use same software can be mixed at one PC
    8. AVI video file format, play directly by windows media player
    9.Supper window XP,VISTA,2000 OS.

  • Technical Parameter

    Video input 4chs 16chs 32chs
    Audio input 1ch 4chs 8chs
    TV input/output 1ch 1ch 1ch
    Frames rate 25F(PAL)/30F(NTSC) 100F(PAL)/120F(NTSC) 200F(PAL)/240F(NTSC)
    Compression format  MPEG4(for option)
    File size 80-200M/h/ch
    One system support 5 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs
    Display resolution 1 chs D1(640X480) 4 chs D1(640X480) 8 chs D1(640X480)
    4 chs CIF(352X288) 8 chs CIF(352X288) 16 chs CIF(352X288)
      16 chs QCIF(176X144) 32 chs QCIF(176X144)
    Video Adopt dynamic and fixed video stream , remote view through mobile-phone, motion detection, schedule, alarm; can select the hard driver for data storage
    Playback Multi-screen playback, snapshot, instant printing and backup, built-in players to play video files
    PTZ Support PTZ control
    Network Without client software or through IE to remote view or control, mobile control