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Super Scanner MD 3003B1

MD 3003B1 hand held metal detector Widely used in airports, industrial zones, government buildings, schools, hospitals, sports...

MD 3003B1 hand held metal detector it is widely used in airports, industrial zones, government buildings, schools, hospitals, meeting places, sports, etc. necessary to carry out safety inspection of all places. Whenever the detected metals, the detector will be issued to the sound reproducing apparatus. Sensitivity sufficient to detect the 25 cents coins. Larger objects measured tone long hair; measured objects smaller hair. In addition, can also be used rechargeable nickel-based batteries as a power supply separated. And charge detector of the machine. (Should be matching dedicated charger)

Product features

1. Accurate detect all small metal items

2. Simple operation

3. Automatic regulation (without re-adjusted)

4. can choose alarm or vibration alarm

5. According to the human body engineering design. the handle suit for all different people

6. working frequency : 95Mhz

7. automatic adjustment

8.  Red LED alarm indicator

9. 9V battery (1 day for normal work 80hours ).

10.  3switch (on, off , vibration

11. Automatic measurement the battery, without tolls when replacement  battery

12. Green LED power lights LED battery voltage insufficient indicator

As one of the most popular models, it can be applied to all fields.

Price:  3000 Taka (Three Thousand Taka)